Musician Timmy Trumpet delivers live rendition of Edwin Diaz's walk-up song 'Narco'

By Ind Job Info Team

Few things live up to expectations. Timmy Trumpet's live rendition of Edwin Diaz's walk-up song 'Narco' set the world abuzz against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday.


Diaz's entrance music is one of the best since Mariano Rivera's 'Enter Sandman'

Trumpet, who co-wrote the song with Blasterjaxx, performed it live.

The Mets invited him to Citi Field but lost to the Dodgers and Diaz didn't play. Trumpet played 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'

Wed. was wonderful. Daz stated after the game, "I felt the difference." "Everyone was excited. It was entertaining.

Trumpet grew up in Australia and has never seen a live MLB game. Now a fan.

Smith added, "I'm a lifelong Mets fan."