Myles Frost Talks Impact Of Playing Michael Jackson On Broadway

By Ind Job Info Team

When Myles Frost donned Michael Jackson's renowned penny loafers to play him in the immensely popular MJ: The Musical


Performing "Billie Jean" at his Thomas Wootton High School talent show in 2016, Frost, a Jackson fan

His mother, who was in the audience, took a video of his performance on her iPad and put it on YouTube. She didn't know it at the time, but this simple, supportive move would be a turning point in Frost's career.

Five years later, as a junior at Bowie State University, an HBCU in Maryland, Frost received a call from his acting coach, who had shared Frost's video with MJ's musical director, Jason Michael Webb.

Frost remarked on Sway's Universe that she got a call from her acting coach on her sister's birthday last year.

Thompson told him about an opportunity he "would be ideal" for. Frost told his acting teacher he could do Jackson's motions.

What Frost didn't tell Thompson was that he hadn't danced in five years, but he didn't let that stop him from a life-changing experience.