Lightnin' Epton, 102, worked for NASCAR before Daytona was established.

By Ind Job Info Team

"Lightning" Epton has worked at Daytona's ticket office since opening. Her name will be on the office.


The raceway renamed the Ticket and Tours building "Lightnin' Epton Ticket Office" on Aug. 25.

She started out working with Bill France Srwife, .'s Anne B. France. Before the racetrack opened, Epton sold beach and road course tickets.

She was one of the first people to walk down the speedway's stairs in 1959.

"Lightnin' embodies hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication," remarked Kelleher. "Today is Lightnin's day. You love this sport."

Jim France, 77, has known Epton his whole life.

He told Epton, "You were selling tickets too." "People will come to your place, which is excellent. Merci."