‘Devil in Ohio’ Is a Buckeye State Schlockfest Starring Emily Deschanel: TV Review

By Ind Job Info Team

A voice wails as pictures of flying birds and blood dripping down a rose's thorny stem fill the screen. "He's the devil in Ohio with those eyes"


"Devil in Ohio" isn't so good that its flaws make sense, but it's so schlocky about them that it's hard to criticise.

Emily Deschanel plays psychiatrist Suzanne, whose patient Mae (Madeleine Arthur) needs shelter after escaping a cult.

Early episodes play with Lifetime-movie portentousness, with repeated suggestions that something is going to go wrong, if only because individuals this sunnily bland and sandblasted of character flaws seem bound to have their lives disturbed.

Sam Jaeger (as Suzanne's husband) and Gerardo Celasco (as a detective investigating satanic activity in Ohio) appear, but no one feels real.

It's not boring, though. Its shamelessness amused me, like when characters said "Go Bucks!" or "Go Browns!"

You must wade through a lot to reach the finish, much of it entertaining for reasons that couldn't have been planned.